Hi Beautiful ~ Book Club

Welcome to the clubbb

Hello my fellow book worms, Thank you for your interest in Book Club!

Love reading? Maybe you don’t love reading? - but do want to explore awesome books, relatable themes and memorable stories in a community of sweethearts? SAME!

I am forever recommending books, sharing quotes and using metaphors with my clients as a way to reach greater understanding. You know sometimes when you come across a passage and the words hit in a different way? and maybe, even for that moment in time, make you feel a little more seen or understood? Ditto. This is why I love books, there’s something so humanising in learning about yourself through understandings someone else’s world (even if the plot is make believe).

So I thought, let's share these moments, explore these words, and let story and community warm our winter days.

You can expect fictional reads and think themes of female empowerment, womanhood, coming of age, friendship, self-acceptance, overcoming hardship ect ect..

This is not a recovery group, but we will be exploring relatable life themes. If it’s relevant to the text, sometimes we might discuss ED related topics, or we may connect character experiences with recovery experiences. Some of these themes may be sensitive to you so I suggest skimming the reviews before deciding if the text is appropriate for your reading. All books are chosen with a lot of intention and consideration and discussions will be lead by myself and explored in a supportive and productive manor. Of course if you’re worried about anything feeling triggering, reach out and we can chat about it ❤️ 

Book Club will run once a month, a month prior you will receive the book of the month to be read before the club meet. Consume the book however you like, kindle, hard copy or audio book are all fine.

A week prior to the club meet, I will send out some prompting questions to help you think about the text and discussion points. Club meetings will be on a weekday afternoon (AEST) and happen over zoom.

Book club is free and requires no commitment. Once you’ve received the monthly book email, please shoot me a confirmation at [email protected] saying if you’re yay or nay for this read :)

I’m so happy to be reading, learning, and connecting with you.

Holly Sunday xoxo