BOOKIE CLUB ~ January 2024

Some very very Good Material coming right up

Welcome back book people!

The elephant in the room is my snail pace of Book Club email updates. As an independent woman taking full responsibility for my shift of priorities, I won’t apologise because hey, life get’s busy sometimes and thats okay! But boy oh boy am I coming in hot with the January read.

If there was one author that I would die to share a seafood platter and few bottles of pet nat with, it would be Dolly Alderton. My idol. My inspiration. My favourite IG page. No only do our names rhyme (instant friends), but we speak the shared language (with most of the population), of heartbreak.

In her phenomenal new novel ‘Good Material’, she shares a story of a break up that I can’t get out of my head. I laughed and I mean, I belly laughed to the point of having to wee. Dolly is witty and hilarious and everything in between. I know you will love this read for all it is. So grab your copy, find a warm spot in the sun and read into the new year with me.

(FYI ~ There is a hint of diet culture present, but it is portrayed in a satirical way, clearly making a mockery of dieting, but alas, still read with care).

Book Club will be on Monday the 22nd of Jan at 5:30pm.

A Merry ol’ Christmas from yours truly, I wish you all a glorious holiday season, filled with nothing but good people, even better food, a heaps of sun-stoked afternoon naps

BIG LOVE, Holly Sunday x