BOOK CLUB ~ July Read

Hello there fellow book worms,

A big thank you to all that came to our June book club, it was super heart warming to sit with a bunch of awesome ladies talking about a super special book. It left my cup feeling very full, so a big thank you from me.

The great news is, there will be many more book clubs where that came from so don’t fret if you couldn’t make the first one.

Our next book club will be at 9am on Wednesday the 5th of July. The book for this month is an absolute chocolate souffle of a romcom novel, it’s hilarious, painfully relatable and extra light hearted.

The book is.. “Crushing” - By Genevieve Novak.

If you would like to particulate in the July book club, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will add you to the zoom call!

Get reading hunnies!

xoxo Holly Sunday